Tasty As Always

Tasty As Always is a junior brand in Olkom company's portfolio. Over the past 15 years, it gained popularity in a low-price segment and offers inexpensive yet delicious sunflower oil-based products. We were commissioned to rethink and update the brand appearance starting with their sauces series.
Client: Olkom

Services: Visual strategy, Art direction, Packaging, Typography.

Year: 2021
Mayonnaise is a condiment that has become a part of everyday nutrition for many Ukrainians. Therefore, the main challenge was to find a balance between affordable simplicity and delicious elegance. The visual strategy was to show mayonnaise as an ingredient in a favorite meal and play around with patterns that customers enjoy drawing with sauces to garnish.
One of the most popular salads in Ukraine is Shuba, which requires a lot of mayonnaise and beetroot. The combination makes the mayonnaise on top look purple-pink. There is even a joke about where to buy pink mayonnaise for Shuba. This folklore inspired us to design the Classic Mayonnaise 67% Tasty As Always. The purple-pink color and typical Shuba net-like decorations are immediately recognizable by the target audience as a favorite dish. The hint that makes people smile is the memorable one.

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